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about crossing
cultures course

Crossing Cultures is an exciting eye-opening experience that gives practical tools on starting conversations and building relationships with people of different cultures in our communities.

The purpose of Crossing Cultures is to:

  • Engage with other cultures: To provide a local cross-cultural experience for participants by equipping them with skills to communicate with people who are different from them and to learn more about their culture.

  • Equip for on-going relationships and ministry: To provide tools to help Christians take steps to overcome cultural barriers and build cross-cultural relationships in the course of daily life.

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format & content

The Crossing Cultures encounter takes place over an evening and a full day.

The cultural evening launches the encounter with a cultural meal and a time of sharing with a representative from a local ethnic group.
The following day there is an interactive training workshop, a practical field exercise in the community and group debriefing.


Learn a new culture through its food.

Practical Field Experience 

Take a trip out and see the diversity at your doorstep. 

Beyond Borders

Get the confidence to develop cross-cultural friendships

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