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Living Effectively as Salt and Light

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The EMPOWERED TO INFLUENCE (ETI) Course will benefit every believer, but especially those who are in the workplace. This is a four-session facilitated course that uses videos of Singaporean businessman Ken Chua. Ken teaches on seven paradigm shifts that need to take place for every believer to become effective salt and light for God in their places of influence.

The purpose of ETI is to help believers:

  • Take on new biblical paradigms to live effectively as salt and light that impacts their spheres of influence for God’s glory.

  • See their everyday vocation in life as a platform to live out their call for God’s Kingdom.

  • Develop a 24/7 worshipping lifestyle that brings them into a much deeper and joyful relationship with God.


format & content

ETI can be conducted using different formats and often online as well as in person. Each session runs for about an hour and can be integrated into a regular weekly Bible study or small group meeting in a local church.

From Singapore To Beyond

Developed by Singaporean Ken Chua for Simply Mobilizing.

Marketplace Applications

Discipleship in the local church or marketplace.

Paradigm Shifts

New biblical paradigms to live effectively as salt and light.

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