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Our mobilization efforts in Singapore started in 1998 with the Condensed World Mission Course (CWMC). The course was based on Dr Jonathan Lewis’ three-volume ‘World Mission Book’ and focusing on four major areas of mission concern – Biblical, Historical, Strategic and Cultural. Much of this was taken from ‘Perspectives on the World Christian Movement’, a study course produced by the Institute for International Studies at the US Center for World Mission.

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In 2005, the 3rd edition of the CWMC was rebranded

as Kairos reflecting the flourishing of the Kairos

Movement internationally.The Kairos course has a

significant impact in the development of a biblical

worldview and in understanding God’s heart for the

nations for the participants, and has been instrumental in opening the eyes of believers to the need to reach the remaining 7000 Least Reached peoples of the world.

In 2015, the Kairos course transited into the Simply Mobilizing (SM) movement which in addition to the Kairos course, introduces multiple mobilization courses and programs both for Christians as well as church leaders. SM is also focused on the development and training of mobilizers to enhance and grow this important ministry of mobilization.

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To see all God’s people living a life on mission with God


To provide mobilization courses, teaching and training in order to:

  • Mobilize all God’s people to live a life on mission with God

  • Encourage the development of missional churches in today’s world

  • Empower mobilizers to function effectively in their God-given ministry


Level One Mobilization


Majority World


The Indigenous/National Church


The Body of Christ


Building, Beyond Blessing


Kingdom Culture


Integrity and Transparency


Training and Mentoring






Flexibility and Creativity

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About Us
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