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Tribe of mobilizers

The Mobilizer Journey Explained

SM Mobilizers are those who see themselves ‘called’ to the ministry of prophetic mobilization or led by the Lord to support the prophetic ministry of mobilization through their spiritual gifts such as administration, graphic design etc etc. The ‘journey’ is all about growing in fruitfulness and in ones skill level in being able to present the many courses and programs in the SM mobilizers ‘Tool Box’.

Image by Devin Avery

Discovery: Mobi 101

Mobi 101 is an introductory seminar in mobilization designed firstly, to provide a Biblical basis for the ministry of mobilization and secondly, to differentiate between the various mobilization ministry expressions. This seminar is helpful for those who feel called to the ministry of mobilization, to identify the precise mobilization expression God has called them to and where they can be most fruitful and find the most joy in their mobilization ministry. 

Community: Mobi Groups

Growing as a mobilizer is a journey and journeying together with other mobilizers is a sure way for your journey to succeed. Mobi Groups are designed to create a ‘community’ where we can grow together through mutual encouragement, learning, praying for each other and engaging together in mobilization ministry as a team.

roles in Mobilization

Head Facilitator

The Head Facilitator (HF) is responsible for the organization and running of the Kairos course. The HF provides ‘leadership’ to the course and establishes the sense of progress and continuity from one lesson to the next. The HF is also responsible for coaching and mentoring the Facilitators and ensuring peer mentoring is taking place.


Facilitators assist the HF in conducting the Kairos course. Their main role is to help the course participants see God's great story and find ways to be part of it. Responsibilities include presenting the Readers' chapter introductions, chapter reviews, session devotions, lead a growth point group to facilitate group discussions, as well as to coach participants in their new journey.

As a Facilitator you will discover that your personal journey into missions will accelerate considerably. You will also experience the joys of seeing others catch God’s vision for world mission.

Course Coordinator

(For General Courses like ETI, TUS):

The Church Coordinator is empowered to run a general course in the local church and to train local church facilitators to run the respective general course. He or she oversees the run of the respective general course in his or her church through the mentoring and coaching of the SM Mobilizer.

Course Admins

The course administrator assists the HF in ensuring the collection and distribution of all materials to the participants, the collection and receipting of course fees, recording attendance and worksheets handed in, catering etc. The administrator is critical to any successful course run.

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