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The Spirit of Mobilization

Reflections By Yao Jiahui

My reflection on the recent get-together with head facilitators and facilitator of the Kairos Course: We are still very excited about mobilising God's church to reach the least-reached people groups.

Many years had gone by (for some of us who did the Kairos course more than 10 years ago), the passion remain. The last 2 years of pandemic had not helped us in the mobilization as people were not able to

travel and were "stuck" where they are. God was still moving. Kairos courses were run online via zoom. There were times where we think that it is not quite possible to do an activity online, but God had given some of us creativity and innovation to explore ways to engage the participants. Participants are mobilized - to God be the glory!

So I am really hopeful that God can move and is moving His church. Mobilizers, let's be ready - reset and go!

Reflections By Jennifer Lim

At the Kairos Head Facilitators & Facilitators gathering on 28 Aug 2022, we rededicated our lives to the work of mobilising Christians for missions. It was a great time of catching up, with lots of fun & fellowship, & we look forward to a stronger partnership in the days ahead.

Reflections By Caleb Siah

It was indeed a long awaited gathering after more than two years, seeing friends we have not seen for quite a while, and also new ones too! Glad to see everyone is still passionate about missions and also keen to collaborate in partnerships; I am so encouraged by all of you. Let's continue to work to hasten the day when "the kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ!”

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