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Youth Mobilization Updates

Updated: Feb 26

— Samuel Lam, Youth Coordinator

The Unfinished Story for Youth (TUSfY) was just freshly released at the recent SM Conference. TUSfY is a facilitated course for youths run over five sessions of 1.5 hours each. The goal is that young believers will come to see that God is on mission and they are called to be on mission with Him. Youths have a really special part to play in God's redemptive mission, and this course explores that.

Components of the course include worship, prayer for unreached people groups (UPGs), teaching videos, group discussions, and interesting activities. I found the delivery and design of the components to be well suited for our young generation. An ideal way to run the course is to have it as part of a local church's weekly youth group meetings over 5 weeks, though other formats are negotiable.

Our prayer is that God's young people will be mobilized to live missional lives 24/7.

To all Youth Pastors and youth leaders

Join us for a 1-hour taster event on 4 April 2024, Thursday at 10.30am! Venue will be confirmed ASAP.

Come discover what we have to offer and sample one of our latest products - The Unfinished Story for youth. The 1-hour taster session includes video presentations, engaging activities, and various components that enhances the learning experience for youth. We will also have Q & A at the end of the taster session. Don't miss this opportunity to experience something new and exciting. RSVP now!

My key takeaway from the SM Conference in September 2023 was the meaning of the word 'mobilize': a physiotherapy term to restore the body's intended function, and a military term to activate enlisted soldiers to the battlefront. Both meanings are so relevant in the ministry of mission mobilization. We are restoring the Body to live out her missional purpose, and activating God's people to work for kingdom victory. In this journey of missional living, we grow in discipleship and get ourselves prepared for the new world that awaits us. 

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